Singer and Songwriter Glo Macari has been making music since she was 13. She’s appeared with Tony Bennett at the Hammersmith Palais performed on Radio Berlin and recorded several singles on the EMI label although these are all just a few points of an incredible decade spanning career.
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All About Glo

Glo Macari trained at the Ada Foster’s Stage School, London.  She made her first record when she was 13 with the Ivor Raymond Orchestra on The Pye Label – ‘He Knows I Love Him Too Much’ – written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin with record producer John Schroeder. Her first major performance was at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London, – The Freddie Mills Benefit Night, alongside Bruce Forsyth and the Late Tommy Cooper. She went on to appear with the Tony Bennett Spectacular at the Hammersmith Palais.

Glo has performed in various TV shows, one being ‘A Tribute to a Boxer’ at the Rainbow Theatre with Muhammed Ali. Her radio broadcasts include Radio Berlin with Julie Felix and a number of George Mitchell Minstrells seasons for the BBC.

Glo has had several recordings of her own singles on the EMI label produced by Roger Ferris. Another considerable talent of Glo’s is that of song-writing. For many years, Glo Macari and Roger Ferris (producer for EMI) worked with Mickie Most who made their songs international best-sellers for the groups; Arrows, Racey and Smokie. The 14-hour Technicolour Dream at The Alexandra Palace in 1967 was also a venue where Glo performed with her band ‘The Big Three’.

Glo also attended the Lucy Clayton Modelling School which led to several top modelling engagements. In her spare time, Glo has been involved in animal rescue work and is also a vegetarian.  She was commissioned to co-write and produce a record for the animal welfare charity LYNX, with the help and co-operation of Paul McCartney, together with Pete Townsend, which was recorded at Eel Pie Studios, Twickenham, and Long Hill Studios, Rye. She has recently written a song with Roger Ferris and Dominic Ferris, inspired by Marianna Macari-Ferris called ‘And Then Came Bob’ from the book by James Bowen, ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ which can be found on iTunes and Amazon.

More recently, Glo has performed as lead singer at the Grand Hotels on the South Coast, also Summer Seasons in Jersey, returning to do the London Hilton. Glo is the great-great granddaughter of Madame Gascgoyne (The Only Clock Eyed Lady in the world), and granddaughter of the famous ‘Macari and his Dutch Serenaders’ who then went on to open Macari’s music shops in Denmark Street and Charing Cross Road. The Macari’s shops are now owned by Anthony Macari and Steve Macari, and are still going strong after 60 years. Details of Madame Gasgoyne and The Dutch Serenaders can be found in a book written by Michael Kilgarriff (Grace, Beauty and Banjos).